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DarkMaus (2016)

Название: DarkMaus
Жанр: RPG, экшн, инди
Разработчик: Daniel Wright
Издательство: Daniel Wright
Язык интерфейса: ENG
Язык озвучки: ENG
Таблэтка: Вшита
Размер: 537.40 MB

Описание: Вы играете за одинокого странника, который ищет то, что осталось в этом испорченном мире. Все шансы против вас - вы непременно будете повержены.
In DarkMaus, you play a lonely wanderer searching for what's left in a corrupted world. The odds are against you - you will certainly perish.
A worthy challenge - combat in DarkMaus is thoughtful and skill based. Enemies force you to be reactive to survive, and punish any greedy moves or mistakes. You'll start out swearing that it's impossible, and end up a god among Mäuse.
Death Echo - each time you die, an ally ghost is summoned that retraces your steps, fighting by your side. With time you can collect multiple ally ghosts and choose their weapons for extra strategy opportunities.
A dark world to explore - search for answers and secrets in the desolate land of Hazath, whose inhabitants have gone feral.
Combat style variety - from spears to greatswords and bows to fireballs, DarkMaus has a large number of viable builds and playstyles, each with their own strengths and weaknesses.

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DarkMaus (2016)
DarkMaus (2016)
DarkMaus (2016)

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